So, this is
General rule on this instance is to be a decent human being, if that’s hard for you, I’ll point out what kind of content is not allowed:
  • homophobic, heterophobic, biphobic, aphobic, transphobic, cisphobic
  • racist, anti-Semitic, white supremacy, black supremacy, Asian supremacy
  • religious discrimination
  • promotion of authoritarian forms of government, communism, national socialism, fascism etc.
  • generally harassment, stalking etc.
  • violation of intellectual property
  • pornography illegal in Poland, plz don’t loli @ me
I may warn you or suspend your account if you are not a decent human being.


Is a nazi instance?

None of the users is a national socialism. That’s a misinformation somebody decided to spread for some strange reason I can’t understand.

So why is your instance ‘filled with Nazi propaganda including promoting murder and genocide’?

This post surprised be a lot. I asked for example, but haven’t received any answer. Looks like another misinformation.Please, give me a link to post like this. I’ll ban the user ASAP. Fuck nazis.

Then, why do you use Gab branding?

It’s the default one? 🤔
Update, now it uses totallynotgab branding.

Why haven’t you accepted my registration request?

Right now I’m only going to accept people I know, just to ensure I won’t have actual nazis here.

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